The Draconic (Node) Chart

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The Draconic (Node) Chart

Post by admin » Wed Aug 20, 2008 1:22 pm

With regard to the Moon's Nodes, I've just come across a series of 10 videos by Lauren Delsack, 'The Draconic Chart' ( ... ature=plcp). In this series, she describes the Draconic Chart as representing the 'Higher Self', the 'Soul' and the way in which that part of us underlies and interacts with the 'natal self'.

She also shows how to set up a 'Draconic' chart, which is based on the longitudinal postion of the N. Node as it relates to 0 deg. Aries. (Solar Fire and other astrology programmes have the means to do this, although doing it 'by hand' isn't difficult.)

If you're interested in the Moon's Nodes from a deeper perspective these videos are well worth viewing.

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