Uranus prominent in synastry

Note that synastry requires two charts to be set up and analysed so, before asking, please make sure that this is a serious relationship. This is a free board and our time to respond is limited.
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Uranus prominent in synastry

Post by maia3 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:40 am

Hi there,

I'm in a very uranian relationship, lots of Uranus aspects. We committed to each other very quick, became exclusive from the second date etc ... but the unexpected happened: he asked for some time off as he ran into his ex and is confused about his feelings for me and for her.

Uranus aspects in synastry:
My Sun opposite his Uranus
My Uranus square his Sun

Aspects that pull us together:
Sun (him) conjunct Descendant (me)
Sun (me) conjunct Descendant (him)
Juno (him) opposition Sun (me)
Moon (him) conjunct Mars (me)

Also, his Lilith is conjunct my South Node (affair in a previous life?).

In the beginning I was seeing him as the perfect husband (Descendant conjunct Sun) and he committed to me very fast, but now this 'pause' is making me wonder how stable this relationship is/can be. We're still in the early stages so I've decided to let me figure things out with his ex, but I don't like this at all.

As you can see from our natal charts, both of us have Uranus aspecting Ascendants: Uranus square Asc (me), Uranus conj Asc (him). So we're both used to Uranian energy, yet my Cancer Sun doesn't like on-off relationships, although very stable relationships tend to bore me as I need constant stimulation.

Are Uranian aspects in synastry manifesting themselves only in the beginning or all the time? Any insights into this would be highly appreciated.

I've attached all the charts.

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