Asteroid Goddess Juno/Hera

Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, Chiron and others such as new 'planetoids', Eris, Sedna etc.
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Asteroid Goddess Juno/Hera

Post by admin » Sat Apr 14, 2018 11:37 am

An extract about Juno from Noel Eastwood's 'Pluto's Cave' Newsletter:

"Juno, is the Roman name for the Greek Goddess, Hera. Juno is Jupiter's wife, and if you know your Greek mythology, Jupiter is the Roman name for Zeus, the King of the Gods. They all lived on Mount Olympus in Greece.

Juno was a dutiful and devout wife, holding the family together as wives and mothers do. She represents the security of being part of a family, committed, long term relationships and love. She isn't a push-over either. Despite her husband's frequent philandering, flirtations and affairs she remained by his side. Certainly she was angry and jealous, certainly she sought revenge and sometimes she punished the innocent victim of her husband's attentions.

We could easily put ourselves in her shoes. When Jupiter was too busy to see someone (another God perhaps) prospective courtiers would try to get to him by smooching and flattering his wife, Juno. She enjoyed playing 'gate keeper' to her husband. Married to the King of the Gods, Juno was in an incredibly powerful position as Queen of the Gods.

Her influence was far above the other Goddesses, she got what she wanted just as her husband did. And they did love each other, apparently. There must have been affection and commitment - perhaps even some passionate lovemaking.

The Gods and Goddesses are a reflection of our earthly world: our families and friends, workmates, our lovers and finally of ourselves. They reflect back to us what we struggle to see in our day to day life. We see them, however, in the myths of life, in our movies, our books, our heroes and heroines in sports, at our workplace, at school and in the theater. The Gods and Goddesses are alive and well all around us.

Juno is no exception, we see her at the library answering questions and queries, running it professionally with only a little favouritism. Yes, Juno, like her husband, like just about everybody, has her favourites. Do you want to see the King? Yes? Well then, you'd better flatter the Queen and you can short-cut the protocols and red tape. Juno is no fool, she enjoys her power yet she is also wise, perhaps the wisest of the Goddesses. Not just because she is a queen but because she has faced hardship and survived it. She has found strategies to cope with grief and loss, jealousy and joy.

Pallas may have been born of Jupiter's head and considered the wisest of all the female Goddesses, yet she can be very much one-sided. Pallas can be quite asexual, she lacks the desire to use emotional blackmail or to play games. Juno, though, will flirt just as wildly and outrageously as her husband yet she doesn't cross the line. She has morals, principles and values and she has earned them from life experience.

In the astrology chart she is powerful, she exhibits where and how your feminine power rises and expresses itself. She is said to rule marriage, commitment and things related to marriage and family but I'd extend that to include all feminine traits and qualities. In fact all the female archetypes exhibit much the same traits as each other but are slightly atuned to specifics like 'marriage' for Juno. Vesta is 'devotion to a purpose', Pallas is 'feminine wisdom', Ceres is 'all things creative' and Hygeia is 'healing'. But, they are still 'feminine' in how they express these specific qualities

Juno is found in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter taking 4.36 years to make one orbit of the Sun. So look for her Return every 4 and a third years for greater insight into how she operates in your psyche (chart). Her transits to sensitive points in your chart will also illuminate what she is doing in your natal chart."

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