SD Mercury 23rd April 2011

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SD Mercury 23rd April 2011

Post by admin » Mon Apr 25, 2011 3:11 pm

You may have noticed that Mercury (communication) turned Direct on 23rd April (10:01 AM GMT) in 12deg 53.6 minutes (13th Deg.) of ARIES (action, forthrightness, combativeness).

What I noticed (during the couple of days Mercury was in that degree of Aries) was that on various Forums and in e-mails, there were many arguments as they/we stated their/our views in a direct and challenging manner, thus inviting more ‘challenges’.

In one of the Degree Symbols for the 13th Degree of Aries this is described as the“...daily struggle for life will turn their physical and moral muscles into steel...(the) logical mind giving (them) insight into the laws of cause and effect...”; and: “...a sense of an almost ‘Divine’ mission, which fills them with determination (not to allow others to take advantage of them)”.

What’s interesting in this symbol is the fact that it occurred on ‘Good Friday’, because whether one is of a religious nature or not, the symbol (which is irrelevant to the fact of Mercury sitting thereon that day, and I will leave that up to others to find how often this occurs) goes on to say: “...focusing of energies through prayer and magic rituals...for the transformation of hatred...healing peace and ‘ascension’... ... ...”. (The Zodiac Image Handbook, The Cardinal Signs, by Helene & Willem Koppejan - 1990; Publisher: Element Books Limited, Longmead, Shaftesbury, Dorset UK).

Another Degree Symbol for this is the ‘Sabian Symbol’: “An unsuccessful bomb explosion”. Naturally we would think of World matters about this, and I’ll leave it up to others to pursue this. But, looking at it from a Mercury/our personal point of view, it would seem that our personal communication ‘explosions’, with others, can be worked out before they cause too much damage?

Would appreciate any comments.
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