Retrograde Mercury In Taurus

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Retrograde Mercury In Taurus

Post by admin » Thu Apr 22, 2010 6:27 pm

Well, first up, T. Mars in Leo will be in square to T.Mercury in Taurus on the 25th April in the 11th deg. of both signs. And as Taurus has to do with practical matters, with security, and with finances, this might be a good time to hold off for a few days at least with regard to spending money on extra security (hmmm...wonder what world leaders and financial institutions will do! :roll: ).

Basically, when Mercury is retrograde in Taurus, it's time to reassess personal finances, and also one's way of assessing what one's personal values are. What you contribute to the world at large, and how much does the 'world' give back to you. Basically - what is 'it' worth? Is it worth giving up one's 'Self' ? ie. How much should one give of oneself?

Taurus is about the fundamental basis of life - our 'roots'; and it 'rules' the Earth and its resources, and at the same time - with Mercury here - it has to do with one's intellectual resources.

Bear also in mind that Taurus is 'Fixed Earth', so it's really difficult to move and change. (Am noting so many Earthquakes since Mercury entered Taurus on 3rd April - have a peek at this: ... /index.php ).

So, deal with what is really 'necessary': the practicalities - during this period (til at least the 11th May 2010); and 'back it up' (re: signed contracts, and other 'mental'/intellectual and also computer matters!).
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