MercRX breakup....

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MercRX breakup....

Post by Soomie » Thu Feb 13, 2014 11:42 am

Not sure if this is the proper place, but I'm going through some things and recently realized that Merc is retrograding. I'm seeking some help. TL;DR at the bottom and birth info at bottom:

Last friday I got fired from my job and my boyfriend and I got into a fight and broke up. Throughout the relationship (that started in April of 2012), we've had our share of problems big and small, like any couple. In May of 2013 we became long distance as he graduated college and moved home 3 hours away. In september he went to Italy to study abroad for four months. He has always had issues with distance. To him, if he was away from me for periods of time, his feelings would diminish. When he went to Italy, we started off super strong, but then he began hanging out with women more and more and hiding it from me, and when I would discuss it with him and tell him that a big part of being in a healthy adult relationship is discussing things with your partner, he would clam up and freak out and say things like "I'm not at a point in my life where I'm ready to sacrifice things for a relationship. I'm not ready for commitment." But somehow we would always work through our problems and we would stay together like glue.

Since September we have had three big arguments about him getting too close to women over there. The last one ended us up for good last friday. It wasn't that I was completely against him having female friends. It just seemed odd that he was suddenly hanging out with so many women when he never did that here and had always been a "men and women can't be just friends" guy. Two weeks ago, he told me that he was having dinner with his female roommate who had just moved into the host family's house. I was completely fine with this since he told me and I thought he was understanding that that's what I had needed all along.

So all went fine. Then last week he started getting sad that he was leaving and withdrawing. I took it as him just coming to terms with coming home, so I let him be. Friday, he was supposed to fly to London to see his cousin for the weekend, and then yesterday he was supposed to be back here in the USA. On friday I found out that his roommate and another girl had gone with him to London and they were staying together. I blew up on him because he hadn't discussed it with me at all. We broke up and he ignored me the entire night.

The whole weekend we went back and forth. First he told me he needed time. Then he told me that things had just changed because he hadn't seen me in so long and that it wouldn't work out. He told me he had made the decision a long time ago but never acted on it. He told me he needed freedom and no commitment. Then he decided to stay over there for an extra two weeks.

He started liking photos of this roommate on Facebook, and so I asked him if he liked her and he said "A bit but I know I'm going to be coming back soon." He has never liked any of my photos the entire time we've dated for 2 years. I also found out that they spent the weekend hanging out in London and are still hanging out.

He won't talk to me. He won't come see me to end things properly when he returns. He's treating me like a stranger. This is completely crushing since I havne't seen him since Sept and he was supposed to come this weekend to celebrate my birthday and Valentines. We were so close... So finally, I gave up talking to him yesterday at noon to see if he comes around maybe once he's back.

I looked up their synastry just out of curiosity and my heart sank. They have Sun trine moon and Sun/venus conjunct N.Node. I can't compete with that...

I'm very confused about how he's treating me. He has never treated me like this before, never tried to not get back together. He seems confused about all aspects of his life because he's staying over there to avoid coming home to find work as well. I can't help but feel like he left me for someone else even though that doesn't seem to make sense since he'll be back in two weeks and won't see her again. But it's so weird how he can hang out with her and not talk to me and seems to be taking this so much better than I am.

I can't help but feel that MercRX is to blame for all of this confusion and pain. I need help and advice about what has happened and if he might reach back out to me when it's over. What of this new love interest also?

TL;DR: Boyfriend of two years broke up with me and is spending time with a new woman. Won't talk to me, and won't come see me to end things formally. Says things won't work out and he needs freedom/no commitment. I'm confused and don't know if this will repair itself after Merc RX.

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New girl:
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Re: MercRX breakup....

Post by Serenity » Wed Jun 04, 2014 3:24 pm

I realize that this is an old post, and Mercury retrograde is coming up this week, I know next to nothing about astrology, but as for relationships, I've had a lot of experience there. I wouldn't blame mercury RX for your problems with this guy, he took you for granted and showed no respect for you. He reminds me of how I've acted in the past, I hope he is out of your life as there would be no future with him. I'll get off my soap box now.

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