Saturn Retrograde

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Saturn Retrograde

Post by admin » Thu May 10, 2012 9:55 pm

Was waiting for Windows to go through it’s latest updates, which was taking ages, so wandered off through my books and came across: “The Outer Planets & Their Cycles, The Astrology of the Collective” by Liz Greene (pub: CRCS Publications, 1983). Opened it on ‘Lecture 6’, in which she talked about Retrogrades.

This seemed very relevant, given the long retrograde that is occurring with Saturn (taking ‘ages’ !) at this time. (It turned R on 7th Feb. 2012 at 29Libra30). Anyone with planets in the 3rd Decanate of this sign (20-30 degs of Libra, or in the 3rd Decanates of Aries, Cancer and Capricorn), will have been very aware of the stresses experienced since November 2011.

All of that being said, there is something very basic about any retrograde, which she describes so very well in this text:
“...When a planet makes a retrograde passage over a particular point in the chart, it’s a bit like successive chapters in the same book... ... ...Events may differ, but the underlying meaning is the gradual unfoldment into consciousness of whatever the birth planet represents... ... ...the first transit often opens up a new area... ... ...either outside or inside oneself. The retrograde” (second transit) “ a kind of consolidation and effort to understand what it is that has been happening. But there is often a blocked or unresolved feeling with the retrograde passage...”
as in, one has not worked out what any of the experiences really mean, at least not quite yet.

Then the planet moves forward again, crossing the same planet(s), at which time she suggests that there is
“...some kind of breakthrough or external change, which allows you to make use of what you have learned...”.

Saturn turns Direct on June 25. 2012 at 22Libra46, and will leave Libra on the 6th Oct. 2012.

So, if this has been affecting you during this particularly long transit, do try to remember some of Liz Greene’s words. It surely is not easy to do so. But, remember that Saturn (who is a really hard taskmaster, of that there is no doubt), is pushing us to our limits, and beyond, and is never going to allow us to take the ‘easy’ path. Upshot is, ‘he’ll’ surely give a much more solid basis for any of us to move forward into our future.

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