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Compliment to Teacher

Post by anandmalhotra » Thu Jul 04, 2019 6:44 am

Dear All,

I would like to share my experience with Hamid Saad (Sheikh Saab) who comes from Pakistan and very senior Astrologer, who claims to be non professional but very learned gentlemen. He is senior citizen and very good in Ashtakvarga System (It will take a while to understand). He has given me so many tips and I have run through the charts and I feel very useful, some of them not written in the Astrological books too. Its his pure observational Astrology. The best thing I liked about him is correction on Ayanamsa and how its detail’s can be corrected to Min by min and month by month. Also from the real distance of place of birth coordinates to their home. Basically he uses Vishottari Dasa system and Ashtakvarga to pin point the event. He also predicted my marriage using the same just few days before my real marriage date, 6 days before the actual date. Very knowledgeable person. Only thing he has is he doesn’t want his knowledge to go waste and is looking for good people who will learn from his experience and share further his knowledge related to Astrology. He says as all, astrologers say we still learning.

May God bless him and all of us who learning Astrology.



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