Strength Planets problem

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Strength Planets problem

Post by kepler » Fri Feb 16, 2018 9:07 pm


I'm reproducing the calculations for a birth on April 8th 1967, 2h45 am Jabalpur, Madhya, India - from the book "Astronomy and mathematical Astrology" from Deepak Kapoor.

I'm, currently facing 2 problems regarding a professional reading and the book:

1) As far as Vara Bala, I'm getting that saturn has 45 virupas. The other calculation -from - says it's Venus.

2) Regarding the Bhava Bala table, I get that for the 10th bhava, the drishti of jupiter is ~74 - the book says its ~44. That is, even if the difference between jupiter and the 10th bhava is of 121 degrees (so I believe), the book doesn't give it an additional 30 virupas .

Can someone help me out please?

Kind regards


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